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    Any way to store repository metadata in non-binary form?


      I've managed to store all repository cache data / metadata in an Oracle DB. Now the main part of the data is just stored as a Blob just as I configured it:


      <string-keyed-table prefix="stringbased">
          <id-column name="id" type="VARCHAR2(255)"/>
          <data-column name="data" type="BLOB"/>
          <timestamp-column name="version" type="NUMBER"/>


      Now I'd like to know if there is a way to store the repository metadata (basically technical information on a node, like lastChanged, lastChangedBy and so on) in a more "structured" way, so really making use of a RDBMS.


      Is there a way to do so?


      Probably thats more an Infinispan question, but for the moment I'd just like to know if there is some kind of way to extract this metadata in a readable form and store it in a relational database.

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          There is no way to separate a node's properties from the rest of the node. In other words, ModeShape uses 1 cache as its storing unit and each entry in the cache is a full-blown Document that contains all the information corresponding to a node.

          I'm not sure I understand the distinction you're making in terms of repository cache data / metadata - the unit of work (storage wise) is "nodes" (there is no metadata notion in the JCR spec). The only different/particularity is binary values and that's a ModeShape optimization.