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    Embedding the BPMN Designer into a new web application

    Alexander E. Fischer Newbie

      As my computer science bachelor thesis I intend to build a web application in which users can design and share BPMN processes. A later objective would be to allow users to instantiate processes and track their progress in them, but this is strictly an optional target.


      I intend to write this as a Rails application and I would like to use the jBPM Designer component as web based BPMN editor. So I though I just use JRuby with TorgueBox to let the Rails application run inside the Java AS.


      My first problem now is, that TorgueBox only works on JBoss AS 7 at the moment, while the jBPM installer seems always to install a WildFly AS 8, which is still unsupported by TorgueBox. There doesn't seem to be much info on how to manually deploy jBPM into a pre existing JBoss AS 7 installation.


      On the other hand, I have almost no experience with jBPM and I would like to know if my idea is at all a feasable approach. Any information helps, just tell me what you think about it.