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    Joins across multiple Caches using Query interface

    Prashant Thakur Novice

      We are caching multiple tables into the Infinispan Cache. Is it possible to create a view by doing a join across multiple tables ?

      I looked into QueryTest examples but there seems to be no support for the same i.e. joining across multiple tables.

      Looked into Gridgain's code for some ideas there they are using joins within the groups defined through keyAffinity service.

      If it has to be implemented what is should be the method used for getting view across multiple caches. we can group the data using the grouping API to prevent network bottleneck but even using that retreiving some records doesn't seem feasible using present QueryFactory and QueryBuilder interfaces.

      Please suggest how to solve this issue.

      For example my table 1 has three columns id1, field1, field2

      table 2 has id2,id1,field3 and field4,

      I want to provide result to my hotrod clients using query something like

      select t1.id1,t2.id2,t1.field1,t1.field2,t2.field3,t2.field4 from table1 t1,table2 t2

      where t1.id1=t2.id1

      which means we are interested in columns across two tables.