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    EJB RMI calls from JBossAS 7.x to WildFly and vice versa

    Bernd Koecke Novice

      At Red Hats booth at Devoxx Belgium two weeks ago, I asked if it is planned that an EJB on JBossAS 7.2 is able to call WildFly 8 or 9 and vice versa with RMI and TLS (SSL). I can't ask this at the WildFly BOF, because the time was over. I was told at the booth that this isn't planned and we should use REST or maybe SOAP for calls between major JBossAS/WildFly versions.


      I'm a little bit surprised, I thought that the jboss-ejb3-client was build to provide some kind of RMI compatibility. I understand that compatibility with EJB-RMI calls can't be provided for an indefinite time and version range. But I would like to know if it's really so strict, that EJB-RMI calls are only supported between server of the same major version. We have a number of JBossAS 7.2 based JEE 6 runtimes installed and we think about an upgrade to JEE 7, based on WildFly 8, 9 or newer and we will have both server types running in parallel for some time. Depending on your statement we may have to put more effort into moving our APIs to REST or into providing a new server package faster. I could do some tests with WildFly 9 but I think we need longer than Q1/2015, the estimated WildFly 9 release. That's the reason why I'm asking for your general thoughts about EJB-RMI call compatibility.


      Thanks a lot for your help! Best regards,