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    Change email in git commits

    Michal Przysucha Newbie



      When I save my changes in JBPM console there are changes in bare git repository. I can then push that changes into another repository, but autor of commits is always: salaboy <>

      (<> means there is no email).


      I need to change it. I could do it with some git commands (rebase and commit --amend) but I need to do it for every commit.

      Is it possible to change email for salaboy that jBPM would use that email in commits to bare repository of my project ?




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          Jay SenSharma Master

          Is this what you are looking for?


          git config --global user.email "Your_Email_Address@example.com"
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            Michal Przysucha Newbie

            I have tired this. I have tried also --local.

            Both doesn't work.


            jBMP have some other configuration of a user. jBPM commits all changes with an author set to a user that I am logged in to the web jBPM-console.

            I work in jBPM-console as a salaboy user and this user is an author of all commits, that happen when I save the changes in jBPM-console.

            I don't know where I can change email of salaboy (I'm not sure if it is git or jBPM or JBoss configuration).


            In other projects (non-jBPM projects) where I use git, I have configured my name and my email and all commits contains my name and my email in author section.

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              Patryk Dobrowolski Newbie

              In general - we need to work out some kind of process for distribution of our bussines processes trough dev/test/prod envrionments. The way to handle deploying and sharing processes between different instances of workbenches. Currently, for example, we don't find eclipse plugin usefull enough to use it. Probably we miss something, but for us it looks like there is a lack of lot of features. So we use modeller included in kie-workbench application. Let's say we have development instance of workbench. W create processes an test it using this instance. Now we need to put it into one of test instances. Should we pull/push/clone git repositories or maybe rather download artifacts and deploy them? The same later in UAT phase and in production deployment. What is the best model to handle distribution of implemented processes? What are the best practicies?



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                Maciej Swiderski Master

                you can follow this practice:

                • when project is created define your external maven repository where artifacts should be deployed - one that you can access from all your environments (dev, test, qa, prod)
                • configure each installation of kie-wb to use that repository, either via standard settings.xml or by using custom one given by system property
                • build projects only on one of the environments
                • whenever built you can the use deployment perspective to deploy artifacts on any of the environments

                This will allow you do build projects in single environment and then deploy same artifacts into multiple environments.


                In 6.2 there will be option to deploy from build project to given environment via REST but anyway above procedure needs to be followed as well so artifacts can be found when not build on given environment.


                I would recommend this approach instead of moving sources through all environments which I believe you won't allow changes any way....