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    Xsd modification




      I need to make a modification of the sql camel component xsd.  The jira related is:




      My first questions here is, the cahnges in the xsd have to be done in which versions, 2.0, 1.1, or both. I have seen that the camel-sql-binding quickstart is using the 1.1 version of the xsd. In case we want just to include the change in the 2.0 version, it should be modified the quickstart as well to reference to 2.0 version.


      Second question: I want to understand how is working the xsd mapping.

      I have seen that the location, and urn definition of each different version of the xsd is defined in this descriptor.properties[1]


      In the quickstart I can see that it is defined on the header the reference to the sql-camel urn[2]: urn:switchyard-quickstart:camel-sql-binding:0.1.0

      [1] components/descriptor.properties at master · dvirgiln/components · GitHub

      [2] quickstarts/switchyard.xml at master · dvirgiln/quickstarts · GitHub


      But my question is how is done the mapping between the urn defined in the xml and the descriptor.propertties.


      Also I have done the changes in the xsd, but they are not being reflected in eclipse xml editor when i am modifying the xml. I took a look to the XML catalog of eclipse, and the switchyard urn are defined by the jboss tools. How can eclipse notice the changes in the xsd and validate the xml using the changes done in the xsd?

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          Hi David,


          I think you need to make the changes in 2.0 only.    We don't want to back-change schema for a release that already went out.      After that, yes, you should probably modify the quickstart to 2.0 and make any changes needed there.


          I'm not sure exactly how the Eclipse changes will show up, but I think at the minimum you need a new build of the Eclipse tooling that pulls in the changes you made.    Brian or Rob or Keith could better answer that question.

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            +1 on Tom's comments w/r/t the schema version and quickstart change.


            If you want an XSD change to show up in Eclipse, I believe the EMF model needs to be regenerated and the labels/content on associated views needs to be updated.