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    Configure embedded tomcat 7 container

    Huub Sepers Newbie



      Background: we are migrating integration tests developed with Cactus. These tests are now executed under a running tomcat container. The cactus client side runs in a separate jvm and kicks off the server side tests.


      We are trying to use the arquillian embedded tomcat 7 container. However the embedded container does not know of our Tomcat configuration files server.xml and global contex.xml. These files contain jndi configuration for our datasource and JMS connection factory. Furthermore our tomcat startup script (setenv.sh) contains a number of system properties. Even furthermore our tomcat container contains a couple of libs (like an oracle driver) in the tomcat central lib directory.



      How to configure server.xml and global context.xml for an embedded tomcat 7 container?

      How to pass system properties to an embedded tomcat 7 container?

      How to adjust the central lib directory of the embedded container?


      PS We have got a test working with a managed (preconfigured) container.