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    Client not connecting to Live server after cluster restart

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      I am trying to implement live backup configuration for JBoss 7.2 Messaging server clustering.

      HornetQ version : 2.3.0 CR1 embedded in JBoss 7.2

      Below is my server topology :


      Server A : Live Server

      Server B : Backup Server

      Server C : MDB Server (Client)


      I started all the three servers. Backup is announced on Server B.

      Following are the observations


           1) Kill Server A --------  Server B becomes live (backup is now live message is logged).

           2) Kill Server B ---------- the whole cluster is down

           3) Start the cluster by starting Server A first -------- MDBs are not able to connect to any of the servers

      However if I start the cluster by starting Server B first , everything works fine.


      I was wondering if there is an property that I missed either from the Client side or from the Cluster configuration , so that the Client uses the whatever server is up instead of trying to connect to the server that is stopped at the last (Server B).

      PFA the standalone XML files for all the three servers and the MDB configuration.


      Also fail-over is not working if network disconnect happens on the live server. If the enable the network after sometime the following message gets logged continuously:


      03:28:32,665 WARN  [org.hornetq.core.client] (hornetq-discovery-group-thread-dg-group1) HQ212050: There are more than one servers on the network broadcasting the same node id. You will see this message exactly once (per node) if a node is restarted, in which case it can be safely ignored. But if it is logged continuously it means you really do have more than one node on the same network active concurrently with the same node id. This could occur if you have a backup node active at the same time as its live node. nodeID=a05a7bb9-7ad3-11e4-ac5b-1349fd3ba9b2


      I am trying to implement live backup clustering using shared store (Shared directory is accessible via NFS). Any help would be appreciated, I have tried different configurations without any success.





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