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    Allow log4j custom logging changes to jboss-eap-6.1 (Jboss 7.2) without console access.

    J Smith Newbie

      Hi all,


      This question is related to my earlier post jboss-eap-6.1 - Is it possible to deploy a configuration item via the "deployments" watch folder? to upload an XML file with configuration changes.  From the replies (thanks for those BTW), this doesn't appear to be possible in the manner I had hoped...ie. Upload an XML file to "deployments" and deploy those changes to Jboss.


      What I'd like to do is grant log4j configuration adjustments (say change the output to debug) to our users without granting host server or jboss console access.  I believe this was possible in earlier versions of Jboss by dropping in XML configuration, but it doesn't appear to be possible with Jboss 7.X .  I'd like to open up some discussion with the experts here to see how I can extend logging changes without bundling them in with the app war file and redeploying them.  The folks that will be changing the logging levels aren't developers and won't have the option of updating war files.


      Note that there is the option of using jboss-cli commands via wrappers...if that is an option, though I'm not sure how I would apply it to logging.