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    Picketlink 2.7.0.CR2 and Servlet 2.4

    Juliano DeCarvalho Newbie



      We are trying to integrate the latest Picketlink version with JBoss 4.2.3 which uses Servlet spec version 2.4.  When attempting to use the SPFilter to implement a service provider within our app, we discovered that org.picketlink.identity.federation.web.filters.ServiceProviderContextInitializer is using new methods introduced during the servlet 2.5 spec ( to javax.servlet.ServletContext#addListener(String) ).  This code seems to have been added in the last 2 pre-releases.  Will Picketlink 2.7.0 require the use of servlet 2.5, or was this an oversight?  If servlet 2.5 is going to be required, can someone please help me to figure out a workaround so that I can use SPFilter with servlet 2.4.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you,


      -Juliano DeCarvalho