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    Not Getting Code Coverage for Integration Tests(Arquillian Tests)

    sravan kumar Newbie



      For the last few months i am working on a project with the following hierarchy having 4 projects using Maven.


      The four projects are as follows:


           1.   entities project which is mainly for entities generated for tables and it is JAR.

           2.   common project which has some utility classes and it is JAR.

           3.   services project which has business logic,DAO layers,Facade and Impl layers and it is JAR and has dependencies entities,common jar in pom of this project.

           4.   soap services project which has JAXB generated classes,Converters and VOs and it is a web archive.


      I have JUnit test classes in all the 4 above mentioned projects,but Arquillian test classes in services project which makes use of entities project and common project.


      The Arquillian Test Classes are executed in JBoss AS and makes use of h2 database.


      I am able to get the code coverage for the JUnit test cases but not getting the code coverage for the arquillian test classes.

      I tried out getting the dump generation and test class reports for both the JUnit test as well as Arquillian test using Jacoco Maven plugin.


      But as per the html reports generated for the code coverage for the test classes(Both JUnit and Arquillian test classes) able to see the code coverage for JUnit but 0.0% for arquillian tests.