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    Fuse fabric incremental deployments


      I am facing an issue while deploying artifacts(profiles,bundles) to a fabric managed container.


      This is what I had followed

      1. I created a fabric container, a child container and created a new profile version(say 1.1).

      2. I have a profileA which has dependencies which are not supplied by the fuse container itself like ojdbc.

      3. I have another profile which has dependent feature list "camel-cxf, activemq-camel...." and my application bundles mvn:com.mine/bundleA/1.0 etc...

      4. used the fabric maven proxy plugin to deploy the bundles to the profile and container's jolokia url.

      All this seem to work fine and I am able to functionally access my application. But the problem really comes in when I do an incremental update to this.


      This is what I followed for my incremental deployment


      1. created a new profile version (say 1.2)

      2. changed the profile version 1.2 to include 1.1 version of bundle A.

      3. upgraded the container to 1.2

      Now, the container profile's bundleA-requirements.json does not seem to be updated with the 1.1 version of bundleA while its still having reference to 1.0 version. I tried multiple ways to over come this but all my effort has been futile.


      solution to this problem will be much appreciated.


      another clarification required -  If the same bundle version needs to be deployed to the container(1.0->1.0), what is the preferred way to deploy this since the fabric maven does not override the already deployed same version of the bundle? is there an easier way to deploy this bundle?