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    Cluster membership constraint.


      Is there a way to restrict number of nodes that can join a cluster.. I would want to keep the other nodes inactive. Once one of the active nodes goes down, the one that is down joins the group. Its ok if the inactive node is capable of serving EJB ( i would simply not call it). In simple words, can we set a membership constraint on the following configutation.


      <cache-container name="ejb" default-cache="dist" module="org.wildfly.clustering.ejb.infinispan" aliases="sfsb">
      <transport lock-timeout="60000"/>
      <distributed-cache name="dist" batching="true" mode="ASYNC" owners="5" l1-lifespan="0">


      Also, is there a way to accept/reject a member who is trying to join (other than Auth thing, may be I would want to validate based on the system configuration).