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    Querying on dynamically added fields (Without code recompilation)

    Prashant Thakur Novice

      We have a requirement to query on the fields which can be dynamically added in the value part of Cache Object.

      For querying we understand that value part is stored as Protobuf object.

      Protobuf Message classes does support adding new fields by modifying field descriptors.

      But when we looked into Infinispan code we see that Object is derived from Marshalling functions which return a predefined Class.

      Protobuf itself is hidden by utility functions provided by ProtoStream.


      In case the fields are added dynamically we can use Field Descriptors to retrieve fields dynamically without compilation of code.


      But will Infinispan Queries support the new fields in someway.

      Can you please suggest the proposed approach ?


      Even if it requires some new implementation we are ready to invest efforts in doing the same.