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    addAsLibraries() method not found in Arquillian

    David Jensen Newbie


      I'm trying to test an EJB (3.1) using Arquillian.  This EJB uses a JPA entity.  The JPA entity is located inside a JAR file.  My Arquillian test is failing because the entity is not found.  I need to add the entity jar file into my SkrinkWrap package.  But I'm unsuccessful.  The problem is the ".addAsLibraries()" method is not found.


      This is what I've done:


      The relevant parts of pom.xml are:



      I'm using JBoss EAP 6.3.


      My test looks like this (I'm showing what my IDE is displaying):


      Notice how "addAsLib..." isn't found anywhere.


      What can I do?