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    [forge-dev] UnifiedPush Java Sender Forge Addon

    Sébastien Blanc Newbie

      Hi !


      I'm happy to announce the first release of the UPS Java Sender Forge Addon,

      This addon will help the developer to integrate the Java Sender into their

      existing applications.


      Basically it provides 2 commands :

      - unifiedpush-setup : will pull in the dependency and create a

      pushConfiguration.json file that contains the needed information (UPS url,

      PushAppID and master secret)

      -unifiedpush-generate-service : will generate a small service that wraps

      the Java Sender, you can then easily inject it into your business logic.


      The nice thing about Forge 2 Addons, is that you get JBDS Integration for

      "free" , so these 2 commands are available in JBDS as UI Wizards.


      I created a blog entry for that which also contains a screencast :



      The code is hosted here for now :

      https://github.com/sebastienblanc/unifiedpush-addon but will soon be

      migrated under the AeroGear org.