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    Master Slave instances of the same process

    Antonio Giambanco Novice

      Hi all,

      I was wondering how to define a process that can have Master instances and slave instances.

      Every master instance can have one or more slave instances. I can receive a slave instance and then even after many days receive its master instance.

      For example:

      I have process as follow (start----task1----task2----task3----end)

      I instantiate my process as slave (reading a incoming parameter), then I check if I already have an other instance of the process as master (its master).

      If not I can execute just task1 in slave instance, if yes I have to check if master instance is completed or waiting in task3 so I can go ahead until the end of the slave instance.

      If master instance after days move from task2 to task3 or ends I have to notify it to all slave instances waiting for it and let them go ahead.

      Do I need to use Per Process Instance RuntimeManager strategy?

      Do I need to use persistence, correlation key or signal events?


      Any advice or examples?