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    EnhancedListener destroying CDI context too early

    Thilo Frotscher Newbie

      We are using Weld 2.2.1 in our web application running on Tomcat. Our application has 3 ServletContextListeners, one being the Weld listener, and their  order of execution does matter.
      To make sure the listeners are executed in a particular order, we defined all 3 listeners in our application's web.xml. It currently looks like this:



















      MyServletContextListener1 and MyServletContextListener2 require CDI, and during startup everything works well.






      After some research I found out, that Weld's EnhancedListener is registered automatically behind the scenes
      and is put at the end of the ordered list of listeners. Thus the execution order at startup becomes:




      Listener - MyServletContextListener1 - MyServletContextListener2 - EnhancedListener




      and at shutdown




      EnhancedListener - MyServletContextListener2 - MyServletContextListener1 - Listener




      Now the problem is that EnhancedListener.contextDestroyed destroys the BeanManager and thus no CDI beans
      are available to MyServletContextListener2 anymore during the shutdown phase.






      Is this a bug or a feature?




      What we really want is that
      - on startup Weld is initialiazed before all other listeners
      - on shutdown Weld is shutdown after all other listerners






      How can we achieve this? Would it help to disable EnhancedListener? If yes, is that possible at all?