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    OpenShift Cartridge - RHQ Metrics 0.2.5


      Hello Everybody,


      I am happy to announce the OpenShift Cartridge for RHQ Metrics. This is the simplest and easiest way to get a public facing instance of RHQ Metrics in just a few minutes with a single command. The cartridge configures Cassandra, Wildfly, and RHQ Metrics (REST interface and UI console) to run in a single gear. While a small gear works well, we do recommend larger gears for collecting large amounts of metrics.


      To create a new instance RHQ Metrics is as simple as:


      rhc app create [app-name] https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rhq-project/rhq-metrics-openshift/master/metadata/manifest.yml


      The cartridge currently supports version 0.2.5 and the plan is to update it in sync with the RHQ Metrics releases.


      Any feedback or contributions to this project are more than welcome.

      Github project:

      rhq-project/rhq-metrics-openshift · GitHub