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    ActiveThreads higher than configured MaxThreads

    Jack Patel Newbie



      We are running PEGA application on JBoss AS 5 and currently executing load test of more than 1000 concurrent users. We have typical problem where CPU and Memory is maxed out and it seems because of number of active threads. As Number of test users increase, 'Active Threads' are getting linearly increased to 600+.


      We have configured 'MaximumQueueSize' to 400 in 'jboss-service.xml' and also configured 'maxthreads' to 400 for AJP connection in 'server.xml' Both of these changes are getting reflected when viewing JMX Console as well.


      Any help/pointers, what we are missing? I would assume ACTIVE Threads should not go beyond MAX Threads but it seems something is missing (Needless to say, I am doing this for first time).