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    [standalone ha cluster] replication/failover of stateful bean

    settholo Newbie


           I have two jboss instances using the standalone ha configuration. They see each other and testing the quickstart example for the clustering they work fine.

      I would like to have an cluster wide bean containing state data between two applications instances (one war deployed in both jboss instances).

      This data are used to synchronize the applications during their processing, so I need them to be consistent and, if a node goes down, to be still available for the others.

      I thought of using a stateful EJB but it turned out that his state is bound to the web session and I don't even have one for this application (receive work requests from queues), I tried as well the singleton one without success.

      I think I'm getting something wrong, is there someone that can confirm if I'm wrong and put me in a good path?

      Thank you very much.