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    JCR Session not seeing changes made on a different thread when using ModeShape 4.1.0.Final

    Richard Lucas Apprentice

      I updated from 4.0.0.Final to 4.1.0.Final this morning and a number of my unit tests have started failing.


      The problem appears to be the changes made in session b on a different thread are no longer visible to session a. Below is the sequence of events:


      session a created

      JTA transaction started

      session a creates node

      session a saves node

      JTA transaction committed

      session b created

      JTA transaction started

      session b updates node

      session b saves

      JTA transaction committed

      session a gets node

      session a sees old version of node prior to session b's changes


      This has been working fine since Alpha1. Is this an expected change and or should I raise an issue in JIRA?