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    Camel Spring Web Services and httpd

    Tim LeMasters Newbie

      Hello all,


      I am building a group of Camel routing applications whose front ends are presented a Spring Web Services.  Toghether, these apps will serve as a service hub/aggregator for a client application suite.  All service calls will be made by at most 3 clients that are part of that suite (for now), although we need to expect a light to moderate load in terms of number of requests from each client.  This "hub" will be deployed in a virtualized environment with a load balancer in front of httpd servers (which in turn are in front of JBoss EAP).  I am considering the elimination of the httpd layer because, with JBoss and the LB, I have other options for clustering and SSL implementation, and I do not need to concentrate the relatively small number of connections to the services.  Does removal of the httpd layer sound reasonable, or would I be shooting myself in the foot because I have overlooked something?


      I apologize if there is a more appropriate forum to use.  Any advice or pointers to info will be appreciated.