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    Singal event in Multi-instance Subprocess

    Krzysztof Mazurek Newbie


      I have MultiInstance subprocess with boundary signal event on one task:


      My question is - how to send signal event to particular subprocess?

      I would like to signal event that is attached to particular task. I need this event to cancel this task (checked cancel activity)


      I have two subprocesses invoice_sub - these subprocesses are initialized by variable invoiceList (java.util.List) which has two elements (invoice_1, invoice_2).

      So there are two active tasks check.invoice.

      Now i need to send signal event just to one task, to close one subprocess, so there will be just one subprocess left.

      I am using eclipse modeler, properties for this signal event are as follows:


      When I invoke kieSession.signalEvent("cancelinvoice", "invoice_1", processInstanceId) signal is sent, but it closes all tasks, from all created subprocesses.

      How can I send signal just to close one task from particular subprocess?