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    Can we execute a workflow file from another workflow file?

    Santhosh Bhat Newbie

      Here is my scenario. I have a set of tasks, which I want to define in business process (bpmn2) workflow file. There are large number of tasks ( more than 200). I tried to include them in a single workflow file, but some point later (after i defined around 100 tasks) the Eclipse editor started hanging.


      Defining 200 odd tasks in a single workflow file, also is a maintenance nightmare. So I want to logically split them into say, 4 workflow files comprising of 50 tasks each. I want to start the first workflow file, and then the workflow file should internally execute the second workflow file and so on. Is this possible?


      Or is there any good way of doing this?


      Please note that: I don't want to use "SubProcess" because the subProcess's needs to be defined in a single workflow file, which will again cause maintenance issues.