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    Upgrading 4.5.1 to 4.13: Native Management Port/Host?

    Stian Lund Expert



      I notice when upgrading our 4.5.1 RHQ Server to 4.13, there are two new setting under Connection Settings for Jboss AS7:

      Native management API host

      Native management API port


      I also notice that for most of the AS7 servers in inventory after upgrade, this port is set to 9999.

      Which is wrong, since we run many instances on the same host with port offset 100. So it should be 9999, 10099 and so on.


      I tried uninventory of all AS7 on one host and import, and the result was that the Native Port was set correctly for the instances:



      However having to do this for potentially hundreds of servers is not something I can easily do.


      So my questions:


      - What are the uses to RHQ for this port?

      - What are the consequences of it not being correct when connecting to an AS7 instance?

      - Should not RHQ just use the HTTP Management port, not the native API port?

      - Is there a bug in discovery that would result it not taking offset into consideration when upgrading servers already in inventory?


      Not sure when this connection settings property was introduced but it must have been after 4.5.1? Maybe even just the last releases?