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    [forge-dev] Forge Meeting Minutes - 2014-12-10





      Minutes (text):






      Meeting summary


      • Agenda  (lincolnthree, 16:02:00)


      • Status Reports  (gastaldi, 16:04:52)


      • Priorities  (lincolnthree, 16:04:53)


      • Netbeans Plugin  (lincolnthree, 16:13:55)


      • Fabric8/ForgeIDE Architecture  (lincolnthree, 16:13:57)


      • Partner Support  (lincolnthree, 16:14:09)


      • Internal Addn Development Support  (lincolnthree, 16:14:28)


      • Website overhaul  (lincolnthree, 16:14:50)


      • gastaldi is working on the netbeans plugin, it's privately available

          on https://bitbucket.org/gastaldi/netbeans-plugin/  (gastaldi,



      • Website Status  (gastaldi, 16:22:14)


      • I met with Erin on Monday and we finalized all but the community

          page. She will give us Responsive designs by Friday/Monday and also

          have a new proof of the Community page ready with some changes that

          I think will really help it  (lincolnthree, 16:23:16)


      • we will begin implementation again as soon as responsive designs are

          ready  (lincolnthree, 16:23:28)


      • budget has been approved for impl  (lincolnthree, 16:23:34)


      • CI Server  (lincolnthree, 16:26:45)


      • Upcoming Conferences  (lincolnthree, 16:49:07)


      • Red Hat Summit C4P is open, and the Forge team will submit some

          talks  (gastaldi, 16:49:48)


      • Status Reports  (gastaldi, 16:55:46)


      • gastaldi will get back to the Netbeans plugin  (gastaldi, 16:57:04)


      • I am working on the website and will look at the test runner

          failures if still an issue  (lincolnthree, 16:58:24)


      • I am also working on fabric/forgeide architecture discussions like

          everyone else  (lincolnthree, 16:58:54)


      • working on a new tutorial like TicketMonster but better, since it

          would use more Forge commands. Currently figuring out how to make

          Forge compatible with yeoman, bower and grunt  (vineetreynolds,





      Lincoln Baxter, III


      "Simpler is better."