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    Memory leak in Ispn7 with disk storage

    David Novak Newbie


      As in my other discussion, I'm using Ispn 7.0.2 with the distribution mode together with persisent data in file-store (config attached). I start the first node, it manages about 20M objects and everything works relatively well (see attached screenshot node1-beforedistribution.png from jvisualvm). When I start the second node, it takes over about 1/2 of the data and stores it locally in its file.


      After the ballancing process, the first node consumes MORE memory then before it hands over 1/2 of its data... See the second attached screenshot - the number of HashMap entries is 40M and number of Strings (keys) is 30M (of course this is after many full GCs). Anybody has a clue if that is a bug or a feature? :-) Thank you a lot!