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    jboss 7 restart remoting subsystem to reload SSL certificates.

    Davide Gesino Newbie

      In my deployment scenario I have some instances of Jboss (release 7) talking with each other through @Remote ejb calls, that are secured over a SSL transport. Every Jboss has a "trustore" in his security realm containing all the public key of every peer it is allowed to talk to. So far, so good.

      Now, I would like to add these certificate at runtime, but Jboss does not seem to react to a change in the truststore at runtime. There is a way to restart at runtime only the remoting subsystem, without restarting the whole Jboss, in order to reload all the certificates contained in the trustore?

      Then I also noticed that once a "remote-outbound-connection" falls when a jboss shuts down, the connection is not recovered or resetted once the jboss has fallen starts again.
      There is a way to manage the lifecycle of the remote-outbound-connections ?