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    Problem in saving new Groups to GateIn


      Hi All


                We have an ext tree in our application which is deployed in GateIn 3.6 (JBOSS 7.1). We are using JSF1.2. We need to add new nodes to tree and in the same request we need to create Groups in GateIn. Our ManagedBean is in request scope. The code is running without any exception, but the group is not created in GateIn database.


                          OrganizationService orgService = (OrganizationService)PortalContainer.getInstance().getComponentInstanceOfType(OrganizationService.class);

                          Group group;

                          group = orgService.getGroupHandler().createGroupInstance();



                          orgService.getGroupHandler().addChild(null, group, false);

                          orgService.getGroupHandler().saveGroup(group, false);


      We are using the above code for creating Groups. This code works fine outside our application. Can anyone help us?