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    How to register two ports (plain text, SSL) on the same URL with different protocols?


      Hi all,


      (My setup is jbossws-cxf, no spring, no blueprint, just EE or POJO's).


      Is it possible to register a non-SSL ("normal") and SSL-configured port on the same URL with different protocols? For example:





      (Note the s in https). I've set up a test project to try to figure this out: here's my WSDL:



      You'll notice that the service element contains 2 ports: 1 port uses the #UnsecureTransportPolicy and 1 uses the #SslTransportPolicy.

      In the code itself, (it's a WSDL/contract-first approach), I've just ended up defining 2 implementations that extend the abstract class with the real code:



      What's weird (or rather, logical but frustrating) is that I of course can not register two different ports on the same URL: I have to give them different URLS:



      So, to reiterate and summarize my question:

      1. Is it possible to register two different ports (one with SSL, one without) on the same URL with different protocols?

      2. If so, how do I do it on EAP 6.3 or Wildfly 8.1?