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    Weld 2.2.5: Is the conversation id globally unique?

    Katherine Stanley Newbie



      I have been writing some tests for beans that are Conversation Scoped. My test opens two browsers and checks that although they are both using the same bean, the request parameter cid is different and therefore they are using different conversations. This test worked in an earlier version of cdi, however it does not pass in Weld 2.2.5. I have discovered that if I open two tabs in the same browser they will be assigned different cid values, but in two different browsers the cid values assigned are the same.


      The method that produces the cid value is org.jboss.weld.context.ConversationContext.generateConversationId() and in the documentation it says that this method produces a unique cid. So my question is should this cid be globally unique, or is it only unique per request?


      I look forward to hearing any insights you might have on this.


      Many thanks,