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    IDP-initiated logout leaves SAMLResponse in the session

    Lionel Orellana Newbie

      Picketling 2.7.0.CR2 on JBoss EAP 6.3.0.


      I can't say that this is breaking anything yet but there is a SAMLResponse being left hanging around in the session.


      Using developer quickstarts (https://github.com/jboss-developer/jboss-picketlink-quickstarts).


      1. Deploy picketlink-federation-saml-idp-with-signature (PicketLink Identity Provider With Signature)
      2. Deploy picketlink-federation-saml-sp-post-with-signature (PicketLink Service Provider With a Basic Configuration using SAML HTTP POST Binding With Signature Support)
      3. Access the SP at http://localhost:8080/sales-post-sig and login
      4. Start a GLO from the IDP by going to http://localhost:8080/idp-sig/?GLO=true


      Upon receiving the LogoutResponse from the SP, the SAML2LogoutHandler generates a Success Status Response that it will send to the original issuer which in this case is itself.


      //SAML2LogoutHandler.java Line 205
      generateSuccessStatusResponseType(statusResponseType.getInResponseTo(), request, response, relayState);

      It then invalidates the session


      //SAML2LogoutHandler.java Line 221
      httpSession.invalidate(); // We are done with the logout interaction


      So at this point the IDP has effectively logged out but it is going to send a Success Status Response to itself.


      When it goes to handle that Success Status Response it populates the session with the SAMLResponse.


      //AbstractIDPValve.java Line 373


      And then does nothing with it since the user is no longer authenticated.


      //AbstractIDPValve.java Line 395
      // we only handle SAML messages for authenticated users.
      if (userPrincipal != null) {
           if (isGlobalLogout(request) && request.getParameter(SAML_REQUEST_KEY) == null) {   
                prepareLocalGlobalLogoutRequest(request, userPrincipal);
        handleSAMLMessage(request, response);


      There. We have an orphan SAMLReponse in the session.


      Now if you log back in the SAMLResponse is still floating around waiting to cause trouble. I believe it is only by chance that it doesn't.


      For example if you log back into the SP this adds a SAMLRequest to the session and it just so happens that the IDP picks it up instead of the SAMLResponse.


      //AbstractIDPValve.java Line 490
      if (isNotNull(samlRequestMessage)) {
        processSAMLRequestMessage(request, response, null, isGlobalLogout(request));
      } else if (isNotNull(samlResponseMessage)) {
        processSAMLResponseMessage(request, response);
      } else if (request.getRequestURI().equals(request.getContextPath() + "/")) {
         // no SAML processing and the request is asking for /.
         forwardHosted(request, response);

      If the order of this if/else if were swapped the IDP would handle the orphan SAMLResponse and ignore the SAMLRequest.


      Even though it doesn't seem to be breaking anything at this point it feels like a big code smell that this SAMLResponse is being left behind.