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    Time taken to start a cache

    Muthukumaran K Newbie

      I am using org.infinispan.notifications.cachemanagerlistener.event.CacheStartedEvent in ISPN 6.0 currently.

      1. As I understand, this event accounts for state-transfer-completion. But I am not sure if this includes cache-loading from filecache-store too. So, does CacheStartedEvent get fired only when both state-transfer as well as cache-loading (as in my case) actions are completed ?

      2. I am not explicitly configuring anything to enable NBST (not sure if NBST is the default ISPN 6.0 behavior) - in which case state-transfer-completion may not be a pre-condition for firing CacheStartedEvent. Please clarify.

      3. When state-transfer is in progress, getCache call would block until the state-transfer is completed - is this correct in ISPN 6.0 context ?