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    HAR with mapping dependencies

    Devang Mehta Newbie

      I have a har deployment that uses table-per-subclass for inheritence mapping. The application has been successfully deploying on Windows for a while, although I did have to name some of the mapping files something like 1XXX.hbm.xml, 2XXX.hbm.xml where 1XXX is the mapping for the base class, 2XXX is one of its subclasses, etc. It was dumb luck that the order the directories were scanned was okay (it seems to be alphabetical, as does the order of files within a directory).

      Now I'm trying to deploy on linux and the order in which the mapping files are scanned is different. Is there anyway to specify the order or dependencies among mapping files?

      This is on JBoss 4.0.1sp1 if that is relevant.