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    Running Arquillian tests manually thru Eclipse must have default="true"

    David Jensen Newbie

      In Eclipse, if I right-click on an Arquillian test file and select: Run as → JUnit Test, the test appears to ignore the "<arquillian.launch>jboss-managed</arquillian.launch>" of the surefire plugin.  Running the test from command line Maven will work.


      It almost behaves like Eclipse is doing it's own thing.  Has anyone had this happen?  What can I do to run the test thru Eclipse?


      This is why I think Eclipse is ignoring the pom.xml file:


      If I define a container as follows:

      <container qualifier="jboss-managed">




      This will NOT work (whether or not I have an arquillian-launch variable defined).


      If I modify the above to:

      <container qualifier="jboss-managed" default="true">




      Then it works. And yes, I do have the correct active profile set (Right-click project → Maven → Select Maven Profiles...)