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    Forcing CXF gzip compression

    Nicklas Karlsson Master



      I have a problem with a large WS-request that I can't get to gzip compress. My endpoint has




      @GZIP(force = true)

      // also tried these below

      // @InInterceptors(interceptors = "org.apache.cxf.transport.common.gzip.GZIPInInterceptor")

      // @OutInterceptors(interceptors = "org.apache.cxf.transport.common.gzip.GZIPOutInterceptor")

      @EndpointProperty(key = "org.apache.cxf.stax.maxChildElements", value = { "200000" })


      and my dynamic client init looks something like


            Service service = Service.create(...);

            client = service.getPort(MyClient.class);

            Client clientProxy = ClientProxy.getClient(client);

            clientProxy.getInInterceptors().add(new GZIPInInterceptor());

            clientProxy.getOutInterceptors().add(new GZIPOutInterceptor(0));

            HTTPConduit conduit = (HTTPConduit) clientProxy.getConduit();

            HTTPClientPolicy policy = new HTTPClientPolicy();





      but my request still hits my undertow 100M(!) limit. Which shouldn't be possible if gzip was really in use.


      Help would be appriciated! Is palin still the local wizard? ;-)