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    Starting the "Overlord S-RAMP" -> "Artificer" re-name!


      FYI, I've started working on all the tasks associated with renaming the Overlord S-RAMP project to "Artificer".  Please bear with me during the transition!  Links, so far (will keep this updated):





      https://plus.google.com/communities/103482762463513545533 (will rename, once possible)

      http://artificer.jboss.org (nothing there, yet)


      Feel free to ask any questions!


      Note that I simply moved and renamed the GH repo.  So, all permissions, forks, etc. came with it.  You'll simply need to update your remote URL (ex: git remote set-url [REMOTE NAME] https://github.com/ArtificerRepo/artificer.git)