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    Getting other info out of a relation table using CMR

    Chris Hall Newbie

      I have managed to get an M:N CMR working for a legacy system (products are comprised of a number of components and components can be used by a number of products). I have used the exsting relation table and that works, but the existing relation table also contans the number of each components the product uses product uses:

      Product Prod_Comp_List Component
      +---------+ +----------+ +---------+
      |productId|---->>|productID |---->>|CompID |
      |Desc | |compID | |Desc |
      +---------+ |no_of_comp| +---------+

      My question is, how do I get no_of_comp from Prod_Comp_List using CMR, or do I have to do it the long way and get a java.util.Collection out bean based on the relation table?

      Many thanks