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    @ArquillianResource URL returns

    David Jensen Newbie


      My Arquillian Test has the following attributes:


      1) The @Deployment annotation has testable = false

      2) The server(s) are JBoss EAP 6.3.2 (both my local server and the remote server I'm connecting to)

      3) The protocol is "jms-as7"

      4) The container is "jboss-as-arquillian-container-remote" version 7.2.0.Final

      5) The test case has method signature of: testFindByUsername ( @ArquillianResource URL url )


      If I run the test on a "remote" server (meaning that the server is physically separated from my machine... somewhere on the network), the @ArquillianResource url is always:<my_deployment_name>

      If I run the test on a "remote" server which is my local machine (but still using the "remote" container style of doing Arquillian), the @ArquillianResource url is fine: something like<my_deployment_name>


      How can I solve this problem?