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    ModeShape 4 - External Resource File System Size Problem

    Mesut C Newbie



      I configured MS 4 with an external resource as following:


      /subsystem=modeshape/repository=sample/source=ext01:add(classname="org.modeshape.connector.filesystem.FileSystemConnector",properties=[{"directoryPath"=>"/somwhere"}], readonly="false",projections=["default:/ext => /"], cacheTtlSeconds="5")


      I create large number of nodes in the created external resource. Total size of all nodes are approximately 900 GB.


      Although I cannot add any binary storage configuration to store binaries to the repository, in the Wildfly, it create /standalone/data/modeshape/sample/binaries folder and it stores "some files" under this path. The size of all content under this path is 770 GB. I store 900 GB files, but totally it stores 1.6 GB files (under external path, and also server directory)


      Why it is so? How I can avoid to store nodes under /standalone/data/modeshape/sample/binaries path?



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          Horia Chiorean Master

          If you don't have a binary store configured, ModeShape should not be storing any binaries on the FS but should be using a transient (in memory) binary store. If this is not the case, then feel free to open a JIRA.

          Second, please try running your code with ModeShape 4.1 (not 4.0) because there are several binary changes. If your code doesn't use any repository internal binary values (only external nodes) it's probably safe to remove the data stored in standalone/data/modeshape/sample/binaries