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    At least one database table must be specified

    Raimundo Alves Newbie



      I tried using the following command, but the forge also makes a research on the tables in other schemas and dictionary of the oracle:

      jpa-generate-entities-from-tables --connectionProfile test --targetPackage br.com.test.dao --databaseTables "TEST"


      org.hibernate.cfg.JDBCBinderException: Duplicate class name 'br.com.test.dao.SqlnExplainPlan' generated for 'org.hibernate.mapping.Table(EMBA.SQLN_EXPLAIN_PLAN)'. Same name where generated for 'org.hibernate.mapping.Table(EMBA.SQLN_EXPLAIN_PLAN)'


      My connection profile:

      connection-create-profile --name test --userName test --saveUserPassword --driverLocation /home/user/software/.../ojdbc5.jar --jdbcUrl jdbc:oracle:thin:@IP:1521:DB


      why the forge lookup tables in other schemas?