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    Infinispan and MySQL as part of Spring Atomikos JTA

    Kobi Mualem Newbie

      We have an web application under Tomcat, integrated with Hibernate 4X, Spring 4X and HibernateTransactionManager as our transaction manager (currently one MySQL resource). As part of our configuration distribution, we should integrate with Infinispan as our cache manager to store configuration with other format than in the MySQL. Meaning, not as Hibernate second level cache integration! I managed to integrate Infinispan with Spring but now I'm facing a big problem due to the fact the MySql transaction and Infinispan must be on the same @Transactional. I read about Spring JTA and how to integrate with Atomikos (e.g.) as our Global Transaction manager but I'm not sure if we can combine the whole entities to work together and how :( I need to know if there's an option to work with Atomikos Spring JTA so the Infinispan will recognize this JTA implementation and will handle the MySql and Infinispan as one global transaction! (2PC) Thanks!