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    Modeshape (infinispan) in Replication with jgroups-tcp

    Yawar Abbas Newbie



      I am beginner to modeshape and trying to configure modeshape in replication mode, by using jgroups-tcp. As the persistance layer of modeshape is configured to use Infinispan.

      My purpose is to deploy an instance of application on MachineA ( and another instance at MachineB (, such that if application creates or changes a node in modeshape of machineA than it should be automatically replicated and appeared in instance of machineB.


      For this i used attached configuration files of DataRepository.json, infinispan configuration (i.e. configuration.xml) and transport (i.e. jgroups-tcp.xml). But on startup of application server following error appears:

      Error while deploying repository: Error while starting 'DataRepository' repository: org.infinispan.commons.CacheException: Unable to invoke method public void org.infinispan.remoting.transport.jgroups.JGroupsTransport.start() on object of type JGroupsTransport


      An interesting thing is that if i use the loopback ( or own IP in jgroups-tcp.xml than the server starts fine and modeshape started successfully. But if i provide the IP of machineB in machineA configuration and IP of machineA in machineB configuration (to make communication possible between both machines) than the said error occured.


      I need Help to replicate the persistance of one modeshape instance into some remote location. Please help by guiding in right direction.

      Much Thanks in advance.