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    ModeShape WebDav

    Jawwad Muzaffar Newbie



           I have just started WebDav with ModeShape 4.0 from a web application on tomcat server. After reading the documentation, I managed to configure WebDav with ModeShape in a simple web application that uses the configurations in web.xml.


           But in our scenario, the main application uses ModeShape with multiple repositories at the same time under one application. For repository deployment and management, we are using the ModeShape Engine. So what we would like is that the repository is accessed from our own implementation rather than from web.xml at startup. So we need to access WebDav programmatically rather than using web.xml context params..


           So my question is that, Is it possible to handle WebDav programmatically?

          and  also is it possible to use WebDav with multiple repositories?

          Thanks in advance


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          Horia Chiorean Master

          WebDAV (like REST) relies on HTTP for transfer and therefore the entire support is built on top of a request-response model. Also, both REST & WebDAV can handle any number of repositories since the repository name is nothing but a path segment in the URL (like http://localhost/repoName/etc).

          I'm not sure what you mean by programmatically though, since using WebDAV means your application acts as the client which is communicating remotely with a ModeShape server. If both your application & ModeShape are collocated in the same server (JVM) then IMO it makes little sense to use WebDAV. Your best bet is probably using JNDI (i.e. retrieving the repository via JNDI - Using ModeShape - ModeShape 4 - Project Documentation Editor) and interacting with the repository via the JCR API.