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    How to show TaskForm and complete it

    Vijai Kumar Newbie

      I  am using JBPM 6.1.0.Final deploying on WildFly 8.1. I am using Java Remote API to access the task form from another server (Tomcat/TomEE).

      I am able to claim, start the task, but I am facing problem to show the task form, and complete it from my app running on Tomcat/TomEE.

      I used the following approaches to get it working.


      (1) Using jbpm-forms-rest-integration.js, if I access the task from my app running on Tomcat/TomEE authentication issue (401).

      (2) FormProviderServiceImpl, if I use this API, my app running on Tomcat/TomEE can not deploy.


      Could you please let me know how to accomplish it?