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    Richfaces 4.5.x doesn't support dynamic loading bundled javascript.

    Wang Liyu Apprentice


      I have Richface 4.5.1 + JSF 2.2.9 + WELD 2.2.8 application, everything works fine, only thing is in the app, we use normal HTTP GET to start a business process, and during the process it using a4j:jsFunction to call action and navigate to new page, and in one process, the second page (result page) is trying to show the chart, and if I don't put <richf:chart/> in the normal GET page, the required js function won't be load and in the JS console, it shows missing some JS resources (for example: jquery.flot.js), all these missing js are defined in the org.richfaces.renderkit.ChartRenderer classes, so I checked the generated page, it will actually load the separeted js in the normal GET response, but not load in the ajax response.


      Is there a way to work around this? I mean other than I put <rich:chart/> in the top page? most my process doesn't use the chart lib.



      Thanks a lot.

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          Michal Petrov Master



          this is the way it works, JSF reads the page and loads resources for the components it finds there, no component - no resources.


          So if you need a particular library you either have to include the component associated with the library or you can include the library manually, e.g.

          <h:outputScript library="flot" name="jquery.flot.js" target="head" />


          Although I don't understand what you're trying to do, if you're not working with charts on the first page then you shouldn't need flot.