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    @Resource injection in abstract super class of EJBs: Wildfly gives WARNINGs.

    Olivier Masseau Newbie

      We have multiple EJBs inheriting from an abstract super class. In this abstract super class we inject a resource through the @Resource annotation. Everything works fine but in Jboss Wildfly (8.2.0) it gives us warnings in the logs on startup:

      @Resource injection of type xxx is not supported for non-ejb components.

      So I wanted to know if it is completely safe to have the @Resource annotation in the abstract class ?

      Note that in this abstract class we have also @EJB injections for which we have no warnings at all.


      For information in Jboss-as-7.1.1.Final we had no warnings in the logs.

      So maybe it is a bug in Wildfly ?