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    Stomp and Cluster issue

    icreate Newbie

      I am experiencing an issue when a node is down in a cluster, the stomp broker stops working.



      Two JBoss EAP 6.3 running on two different machines in a standalone configuration and forming a cluster.

      Both have the same standalone-ha.xml config.

      The first server has an EAR deployed which subscribes to a queue.


      While both servers are running, I can send messages using stomp (tried 3 different clients).


      Once the second server goes down, sending the same stomp messages will get an error "Destination doesn't exist".


      The error goes away if the second server is up, or I reboot the first server.


      I can however send messages using JMS (with a Java program), so the issue is limited to the stomp acceptor only.


      Any ideas?