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    eager-load-group for CMR doesn't work

    tbech Newbie

      JBoss 3.2.6, default setting in standardjbosscmp-jdbc.xml, commit option A used.
      I observed strange selects for two applications. There is relation A -> many B (unidirectional).

      a.getBs() gives select:

      and now every entity B is access by fields, it gives:
      SELECT LOID, field1 FROM B WHERE (LOID=?) OR (LOID=?) OR (LOID=?) OR (LOID=?) OR ...

      SELECT LOID, field2 FROM B WHERE (LOID=?) OR (LOID=?) OR (LOID=?) OR (LOID=?) OR ...

      and so on for every field. So obviously read-ahead works and eager-load-group doesn't (no overrried of eager group, using defaul * )

      Even to be sure I tried to set read-ahead for relation:



      I didn't change the behaviour.
      (by the way loading of main entity A is ok, eager load works properly in this case)
      So could someone explain me what is wrong, and how to make it right?
      (no clues on wiki and jira)